The aim of this project is to collect public data related to university life - canteens, libraries, places, etc. - and make them available in a nice JSON format.

This is quite a challege: this kind of data is usually available only in HTML across different websites - and even when available as open-data, it's not harmonized. As a result, is basically impossible to build services (web apps, mobile apps, etc.) for uni students.

UniOpen is supported by experienced professionals, to ensure it's designed with a great architecture, best of breed patterns and innovative technologies: a best in class project!

We believe the availability of open, harmonized data is one of the key elements for innovation: supporting uniopen it's not only a great opportunity to learn, it's a great opportunity to contribute to innovation!

Read a bit about the history behind uniopen here.

Wanna join?

Would like to get into the details of uniopen architecture? Would love to have the data of your university into the uniopen world? Want to code, or even only to tell us the websites where there is additional data that would fit uniopen?

Don't hesitate to get in touch! Help is really appreciated. Don't be shy, let's grow the community!

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These projects are using UniOpen.org:

  • UnipdBot Chat-Bot, a simple bot that can send data about the University of Padua. Available on Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

  • Uniwhere is an app that takes the entire experience of university and makes it mobile: students can not only access their academic careers, exams, tests, results on their smartphones automatically; they can talk with each other using exam-based group chats, exchange materials or hints and use a peer-to-peer based weekly schedule of lessons.

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